Arrested Motion – Interview/Preview: James Jean “Kindling” @ Jonathan Levine Gallery

I don’t think there is any doubt that I am a fan of James Jean, I have been following his work now for about 5 years. I was introduced to Fables based on the art of James, and I can only imagine where his talent and drive will take him.  I hope I can be half as successful in some aspect of creative professionalism. Jame’s is an artist first, an illustrator playing second fiddle second, and now I find him somewhere in between. I am looking forward to seeing more true talent finding its way onto fabrics, on wine labels, and into other parts of our everyday life. James Jean is starting to bridge that gap and he is going to pave ways for new technologies and processes that we will all take for granted. Thanks James. Keep it up and come to Vancouver to say Hi.

prada-fairy-bag – photo credit

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