Design – ALS

I have been thinking more about the value of the design process, and that process keep bringing me back to this project for ALS. It’s strange that at the time I was feeling very frustrated about the project and I am still not completely comfortable about the final deliverable but what I can say is that the process was and remains solid. It is I suppose – part of the learning curve – it will only get stronger and the final outcomeit turn – more solid. I wanted to also post 2 more images from that project – pieces that should or potentially could communicate the idea of a Network (community) of hope which makes up the BC charity ALSBC….an identity that if committed to by the non-profit group – would give them the staying power they are looking for within the charitable hierarchy in British Columbia. This identity would develope over time into something much more then just some purple people – but an identity. The Identity they are lacking.

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