Illustration – Vote Environment

As we all know there is an election coming – no, I am not talking about the Obama show south of the border. Jim, Mark and Myself prior to the election announcement were working with the David Suzuki Foundation on a University tour campaign. All was going just dandy, we were starting to narrow done a concept and the election was called. Bang – the phone stopped ringing on the university tour.

A few days went by and they called, Nelson not David Suzuki, to see if they could use a portion of one of the discarded university concepts. The answer was of course was easy and no-one at the studio disagreed although the was concern that they would spell Marks last name wrong or call James – “Glen”. I am of course exaggerating the botching of name recognition.

Bottom line “Vote Environment” is sporting a rough and surley looking – yet clearly loud David Suzuki sketch. Check out the web site – Vote Enviroment – see what the Suzuki foundation has to say. Also stay tuned for the Hot and Bothered University tour coming to a campus near you some time soon.

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