Flow – A show illustrating the Shores Bike Culture.

At the Presentation House Gallery until August 2.

OK so the interesting thing is it’s about bikes on the Shore, the birthplace of Freeride, skinnies, ladderbridges, and all that great stuff. More impressive is it’s about the Photography of Sterling Lorence , and to top it off – there are ridable ramps, tire marks on the walls and heavy beats filling the rest of the space. There was even some of the original Cedar refuse from a decommissioned trail on Cypress build by Dangerous Dan and removed by the city of West Vancouver a long long time ago. It definitely added a sense of depth to the Photography on the walls.


What I would have like to see more of, would have been more photography, Sterling has a massive library to choose from and I was a bit disappointed at the limited amount that was shown. Sterling was ever so generous when I was at Emily Carr and allowed me to use some of his incredible images in my grad project. The Green Book.

I also attended the panel discussion and I was left wanting more there aswell. I think Cam from NSMB did a great job and I was wishing he had more time – I am sure he had more. The topic for the panel was the Sustainability of the trail system on the North Shore. A great topic that was lost in some panel members waiting to hear more specific questions and playing it politically safe while others rambled on with a lack of direction – Cam could have reeled them in. I guess in terms of a panel talk I would give it 5 out of 10 and the show 7 out 10.

If you have 15 minutes in the next week – see it before it closes, If you are not familiar with Sterling’s ability to capture light where many fail to find any – light that is – you will be impressed. If you are into Mountain biking be sure to plan it around your next ride.

Its only up until August 2

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