Woo Magazine – Emily Carr Institute March 2008

I was able to be a part of great publication, an institution in itself really – OK maybe. Woo Magazine has four or five issues a year and over the last couple years the design and art direction has been great so when Florence asked if I would be a part of this one I wasn’t about to say no. I should thank Alan for the referal – Cheers.

I have included a couple images in this post but be sure to stop by the school and get your own copy, its well written this time around which is not always the case – you be the judge. I hope no-one was offended by their portrait. Karianne was my favorite one to do.



If you visit Florence Trouong, you’ll see the this issue in an animated form.

One thought on “Woo Magazine – Emily Carr Institute March 2008

  1. do you know if past issues of the magazine are available? i contributed to the february 2005 and am wondering if it is possible to pick up a copy from the school…?


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