Vancouver Screening – Objectified

I was at the screening of Objectified the other day and I would have to say that I found Helvetica to be more interesting but that may just be that my interests are a bit more weighted in the graphic direction. What was interesting though was that Gary Hustwit was there to answer questions after the film and that in itself was almost as entertaining – One young guy asked him “in the Light of Avitars – if Gary was a fish want kind of fish would he be?” Gary responded with “that is the dumbest F–king question I ever heard – Can I quickly get another question” the audience responded with a uneasy laughter – Rude – Maybe ?

All in all it was a great evening, he has a third film of a similar flavour on the back burner – our guess over apres mexican food was that it would be about Architecture but Gary would not answer that question either. He also said he wanted to do a film about Tom Waits – I hope he crosses paths with Jim Glens Grad Project from ECUAD 2008 – Whats he Building in There

If you are interested in design and especially design of products that you perhaps might not even see as being designed at all – Objectified is worth a look.

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