Lance, Shepard, and Kenny

Shepard Fairey and Kenny Scharf have teamed up with TREK for a series of supertouch curated art bikes that made an appearance in the Tour OF Italy. Lance Armstrong in his first ever appearance at the Giro d’Italia will be showing off his skill after retirement and at the same time letting the world see a little bit of his great taste in art. The bikes are also part of Fairey and Scharfs efforts to bring attention to Lance’s upcoming STAGES art show benefiting Armstrongs anti-cancer charity Livestrong.
While fairey’s cycle (above) is inspired by Lance’s charity work and includes delicate patterns taken from Italy’s architectural and artistic heritage, Scharf’s work is more utilitarian, creating a “lightspeed” space- inspired aerodynamic bike. For those of you who might want to get your hands on a little piece of touring history, the bikes will be auctioned off on October 2nd during the NYC leg of the STAGES tour and proceeds will go towards Livestrong.

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