Obsessionbikes.com – Illustrated

Great opportunity to work with Matt Warburton at Emdoubleyu Design – this time illustration for a bike store in North Vancouver – Aptly named and branded Obsession – because of course they are obsessed about bikes.

Here is a few sketches working towards the above illustration – there are a few more on the Obsession site as you click through all the great things that make Obsession so obsessed.

This first image was a quick sketch to show Matt what I was thinking and what google said bike fit was – it was not what he was thinking:

This second one is after a visit to the store to see the tools used for bike fit:

I was on the right track – but it clearly needed a person or 2.

This was the best part – the characters were “too” accurate and I was not doing what I do best – illustrate – this was close to a finished drawing.

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