A University Graduate

Graduation 2008 was a wonderful affair with superb speeches from our Honorary Doctoral Recipients, and a particularly poignant speech from Bob Rennie. All the students and parents present were proud of our new status, not the least because recent press coverage has confirmed how necessary the new mandate will be to our identity and to what we do. Much of the coverage has focused on us as if we were never a degree granting institution. The coverage has revealed the extent to which the public and the press have not adjusted to the fact that we have been a post-secondary institution for over 80 years. None of the institutions who received university status over the past two weeks even existed when we started with four-year diplomas in 1925. In the 1960’s numerous requests were made to government to recognize our status and nothing was ever done. So, for us, the change simply means a recognition among the public, government, press and community leaders for what we have always been doing. Watch out for an Op-Ed by yours truly in the coming week in the Vancouver Sun. (Ron Burnett)

This was written on the Eciad Site

What does it all mean to me, I will be posting more about the exhibit soon, but all I have at this point is a few images of my Green Book, a book of inspiring stories about people who ride their bikes, and for now that is what I am going to do, ride my bike and create a story or 2.

Have a great weekend