Half a lifetime ago – 40 years

Life magazine has had its up and downs, and few near death experiences, and for the most part a life that perhaps by some sort of poetic justice resembles that of a real life. I am not saying that Life Magazine is forty – we know its older than that – but somebody – picture here completely out of context The Father of Funny man Russell Peters shaking his finger disgustedly in his general adolescent direction – Sommmmme-b-o-d-y – turns forty this June – Life half over or half begun – Full? – depends on how you look at it. Can life be half full – What is that supposed to mean.


This Life logo here is a bit fatter, than the logo we see today – perhaps a little less health conscious than today’s life. Kerned a bit tighter than today’s spacious version. And the red, well the red – tape perhaps – is closer to “Life” than it once was – I am perhaps grasping if I am going to draw a parallel there but I am sure there are many.

You can see Life on line now sporting what has always made it great and that is the pictures – I after all am a visual kind of guy.

Salute to the Gemini’s – Salute to Life

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