The National

Working with Mountain Equipment Co-op is always a bonus, the projects are well organized and more often then not represent an active healthy way of life in Canada and around the globe. This project was to design the graphics that would do just that – take you across Canada and ultimately around the globe on 2 wheels

The MEC National.

In predictable fashion, this bike was always out on a tour when I want to take it for a ride or to shoot it for my records. Hard to complain about that really. 

Those that follow my illustration and design process know that I am about a character and a story, the rest of course tends to follow when you get those in place.

First a look at a couple main characters.


They are gentlemen (sorry ladies, the bike only comes in a mens frame option) and they are ready for touring, one guy even has a TV on board and his pet fish – this guy ended up on the cutting room floor. I am sure we will see him again somewhere else.

Next I created a sign for each province and territory – it is a National after all.



The signs set the stage for the Tour, and essentially are the plot for the story. Here is the main graphic.


The side illustrations on the frame are where your main character is in motion and a flowing signs add movement to the adventure. The story of touring is all about places, roads, road maps, and sign posts. If it’s the organized straight lines of the main drawing or the intertwined speed of the side view – its about the journey.





25th Anniversary

It would seem almost automatic that a lifestyle company would need a great video to celebrate a silver anniversary. Working with Matt Dennison was an easy choice to get the job done. I built out the story board, the timeline, which in turn lead to the script based on that process. There were many people pulled into the loop to ensure the story was accurate. Chris Gagan our Product Director cleaned up the script – it is his voice walking you through the exciting history of SUGOI and many of the successes.

SUGOI in Stores NOW

Looking at the seasons in apparel you are always living in 3 time periods, the line that is soon to be presented to the Reps, the line that is being shipped to the stores and the line that is actually at retail. Here is a bit of looking back, some new graphics at the time, an exciting photoshoot, some amazing product and of course some special people. Now at RetailImageImageImage

Design on the FLY

The first week back to the office was a week where creative services at SUGOI hit the ground running – or should it be pedaling, We held a sales conference in Europe, and we announced our place in cycling greatness by getting on board with Liquigas Cannondale as the technical apparel sponsor. We needed collateral (deliverables) for both. First off a Nordic sheet for the Europeans was essential, and was a long time coming – I think this project hits the cutting room floor more often than not so we were determined to make it happen. It included a quick photoshoot, a couple long days and one late night press check.

Ryan and I didn’t stop there  –  Liquigas was calling and this was exciting – being a cycling fan makes this madness a little bit easier. Working with some great guys at Cannondale, our developers working over time, a photographer in Italy, some long days, and a late night press check followed by another visit to the printers in the early morning yielded a great product.

I got a call from Munich yesterday, and both pieces were well recieved.

Job Done. well – if I do say so myself.