Design on the FLY

The first week back to the office was a week where creative services at SUGOI hit the ground running – or should it be pedaling, We held a sales conference in Europe, and we announced our place in cycling greatness by getting on board with Liquigas Cannondale as the technical apparel sponsor. We needed collateral (deliverables) for both. First off a Nordic sheet for the Europeans was essential, and was a long time coming – I think this project hits the cutting room floor more often than not so we were determined to make it happen. It included a quick photoshoot, a couple long days and one late night press check.

Ryan and I didn’t stop there  –  Liquigas was calling and this was exciting – being a cycling fan makes this madness a little bit easier. Working with some great guys at Cannondale, our developers working over time, a photographer in Italy, some long days, and a late night press check followed by another visit to the printers in the early morning yielded a great product.

I got a call from Munich yesterday, and both pieces were well recieved.

Job Done. well – if I do say so myself. – Illustrated

Great opportunity to work with Matt Warburton at Emdoubleyu Design – this time illustration for a bike store in North Vancouver – Aptly named and branded Obsession – because of course they are obsessed about bikes.

Here is a few sketches working towards the above illustration – there are a few more on the Obsession site as you click through all the great things that make Obsession so obsessed.

This first image was a quick sketch to show Matt what I was thinking and what google said bike fit was – it was not what he was thinking:

This second one is after a visit to the store to see the tools used for bike fit:

I was on the right track – but it clearly needed a person or 2.

This was the best part – the characters were “too” accurate and I was not doing what I do best – illustrate – this was close to a finished drawing.

Still Alive and Creative

It has been awhile since visiting processhaus – never too late they say.
I have been busy and will try my best to get caught up.
For now – to show you I am alive and creative – a quick snap of my sketch book.

Something for the poet and the play write, something for the youth in all of us and of course that lover of design. 3 characters from my psyche.

Batman, Shakespeare, and icaribou.


Iphone Update – Art and Design at the Magazine Rack – One of my favorite Places

So I am out doing a little shopping – tis the season after all.
For me every shopping trip is an opportunity to stop and check out the Magazine rack and this trip was no different, even if it was dressed up like a Christmas mission – I managed a stocking stuffer out of it. Here is what I found that would make more interesting stocking stuffers, for the good and not so good on your list.
First, a cover shot of a model I recently worked with on a SUGOI shoot – way to go Brandi. I hope our pro deal helps you get some new running stuff – hint hint.
Second, not that I need another excuse to tell anyone how much I think James Jean is incredible but here it is in its lowbrow finest – I mean that (lowbrow)  in a good way.
Next – Another award for the Urban line – that is 4 awards that I know of – my head is swollen and I am not going to say anything about my name not being in the write up.
Fourth, no report would be complete without a missed opportunity – finishing number 2 in the art direction race for this rag was a good thing – everything happens for a reason.