Design on the FLY

The first week back to the office was a week where creative services at SUGOI hit the ground running – or should it be pedaling, We held a sales conference in Europe, and we announced our place in cycling greatness by getting on board with Liquigas Cannondale as the technical apparel sponsor. We needed collateral (deliverables) for both. First off a Nordic sheet for the Europeans was essential, and was a long time coming – I think this project hits the cutting room floor more often than not so we were determined to make it happen. It included a quick photoshoot, a couple long days and one late night press check.

Ryan and I didn’t stop there  –  Liquigas was calling and this was exciting – being a cycling fan makes this madness a little bit easier. Working with some great guys at Cannondale, our developers working over time, a photographer in Italy, some long days, and a late night press check followed by another visit to the printers in the early morning yielded a great product.

I got a call from Munich yesterday, and both pieces were well recieved.

Job Done. well – if I do say so myself.


I need to Thank Matt and all the people who made Graphex 2010 possible – here are Matts Kind words about the MEC Urban Line.

Co-Principal Emdoubleyu Design, Vancouver, BC //
This was a tough decision, but I gravitated towards
this project for a number of reasons.
One, I’m a cyclist.
Two, I’ve done bike design and bike graphics and
I think the designers on this project came up with
a branding solution for these new bikes for MEC in
a really unique, innovative but totally appropriate
manner. They are urban bikes, they are supposed
to be stealth—you don’t want loud splashy graphics—
and I like the fact that these guys don’t have
to compete against other bikes in the store so they
were able to go quite understated in the design. With this design you would have
no problem worrying about locking these bikes on the street because they don’t
look that fancy from the distance, but when you have a chance to get closer and
see the graphics details come together, it is like a very intricate and subtle tattoo
that not many people get to see up close, and you keep discovering new things
on it every time.
And three, they are lots of fun…I’m jealous!

I can not say enough how great it was to work with Terry, Tim, and Judy at MEC on this project and of course credit is do for all the Creative minds at Fleming – who entered this at GRAPHEX 2010 – Design Currency in Vancouver. All the Awards can be seen here –

More Illustration – Bike Stuff of Course

These are a few illustrations for a client who is putting together a training manual. These are some of the first drafts. They are fun little pieces to work on because of the technical demand – I am of course not refering to the challenges of the pencil and pen but more so the challange of accuracy in the imagesSeat height infographicStandover height infographicFrame Label infographic

So after a few meeting and a few more people seeing the illustrations there was of course a few changes. The newer ones you see here are interesting in that I used the vector non humanist approach for the human elements and a humanist, traditional illustration approach for the mechanical elements – I am satisfied with the out come. These will be public facing info pieces in a store near you – soon.

Standover height image revisedSeat Height Image revised